Amp Sound Clips

Below are recordings of various guitar amplifiers.

Belair Blues Sample (updated 1/7/04)
Belair Rock Sample
Belair Mod Hi Gain Sample
Belair Drop Tuned Metal with EQ in Loop

Vox Tonelab Clean Sample with Washburn J-6s Jazz Guitar
Tonelab Matchless Sample
Tonelab Tweed Sample
Tonelab Vox AC30 Sample
Tonelab First, Then Vetta

Carvin Legacy Overdrive Sample - First normal then scoop with EQ
Carvin Legacy into Behringer Ultra G Cab Sim Direct Box

Peavey Valve King vs. Mesa F-50
This clip contains an Valve King clip followed by an F-50 clip for clean, blues, metal, nu metal etc.

Peavey Valve King Class A vs. Class AB
Mesa F-50 Loose / Tight
This clip shows that by lowering the bass frequencies before the input,
you can tighen up the high gain sound of the F-50.

Mesa Mark IV
I am always complaining that most of the high gain amps I play seem too loose on the low end, and don't work well for palm muting. This amp is very tight. Listen to the last clip, the nu metal one.

Mark IV first, then F-50
Linux Amp Simulator Plugin
Carvin C980 Acoustic and PAIA MS Stereo Mic
Randall RM4 - Top Boost - Tweed - Recto - Brown
Belair Speakers - first Weber C12N then Eminence Legend V12

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